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Owéna Schutte: the woman they call Nobantu

Posted on Sat July 13, 2019.

Read the prolog from Anelia Schutte's book, 'For the People'

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Rotary sponsors pop-up museums for local schools and libraries

Posted on Mon May 20, 2019.

The Rotary Club of Knysna has sponsored ‘pop-up museums’ about Knysna’s timber heritage for display in the town’s libraries and high schools.

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Who was Percy Mdala?

Posted on Mon June 26, 2017.

Who was Percy Mdala of Knysna's Percy Mdala High School?

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Margaret Parkes: a lifetime in service to culture in Knysna

Posted on Sat June 24, 2017.

Local author and historian, Margaret Parkes

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