An 1882 tribute to John Benn II from the people of Knysna

Posted on Sun March 28, 2021.

A poem presented on the 14th of June, 1882, to John Benn II, pilot at the Knysna Heads

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A 1929 interview with Knysna River pilot, John Benn II

Posted on Tue March 23, 2021.

An interview with John Benn II, pilot at the Knysna Heads, conducted by an unknown author ("L.C."), and originally published in 1929. Reproduced from a typescript in the collection of Benn's great nephew, Michael Sass.

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Literary (accidental) tourist: George Bernard Shaw’s five productive weeks in Knysna

Posted on Thu January 14, 2021.

Chris Everett, author of 'Noetzie - An Illustrated History,' on how GBS experienced an extended stay in Knysna - and wrote one of his many books while he was here, too.

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Knysna Harbour Pilots 1818-1954

Posted on Sat May 16, 2020.

All the pilots who served at the Knysna Heads: a (lightly edited) transcript of a hand-written exhibit in the Knysna Museum’s Maritime Collection

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What's with Knysna's Town Hall?

Posted on Sun May 10, 2020.

Does Knysna have a town hall? Well, yes and no.

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