Ian Fleming Photographic Museum

Visit this private collection of cameras and photographic equipment

The Ian Fleming Photographic Museum - which is situated in a working photographic studio and framing and printing shop - offers a diverse, personal look at the tools of photography.


The collection includes 35 mm cameras, medium format cameras, twin lens cameras, cine cameras, and others.

Examples include:

  • A British field camera from around 1840;
  • A 1926 Graflex - one of the first cameras ever sold with interchangeable lens. (The wooden beauty on display here is still in perfect working condition - together with a series of monochrome images made with it by Mr. Fleming.)

Pen Pals

Mr. Fleming presents an annual Pen Pals course to teach young people the art and science of photography. He does this in a voluntary capacity, and with the assistance of Olympus Pen cameras. 

Tribute to Ian Fleming

The following tribute was written by Warren Fleming, senior photographer, master printer, Olympus ambassador - and Ian’s son:

Ian Fleming has been a camera enthusiast for some time. Longer than most have held a camera.

He has spent a lifetime in darkrooms, with negatives wrapped around his fingertips, and chemicals defining his scent. He is everything that is camera.

Ian has also spent a lifetime getting to know cameras, old and new. He speaks an unspoken language with his insight, development and artist creation of imaging.

Over the years of transition into the digital era, Ian has recreated the marriage of light with analogue equipment, and has a desire to show this to the world.

With persistence, he has created a collection that spans time. Sure he has a shelf or few of cameras that never made the cut - but many other shelves that did. A collection that showcases a history of photographic legacy, and a collection that inspires.

A history of imagination: Imagine you could see the images that were taken over time. Imagine being able to see every shutter result of every camera in his collection? So does he, and that is the purpose of history sometimes. To see what we cannot see.

Ian has built a family of retired individuals, over-worked, and vintage mechanical masterpieces, and given them a home.

His home: The Ian Fleming Photographic Collection.

Find the Ian Fleming Photographic Museum

  • 11 Gray Street, Knysna
  • Latitude, longitude -34.038499, 23.045657 
  • From Knysna Central: drive or walk towards the lagoon on Gray Street. You’ll find Fleming Photographic diagonally opposite the Log Inn Hotel, and half way between Trotter and Gordon Streets.

Ian Fleming Photographic Museum hours

  • Mondays to Fridays: 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • Saturdays (holiday seasons only): 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.  - Closed on Sundays, and on Saturdays out of holiday season
  • Entrance is free

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